Omicon is pronounced [o-mi-kon]. The name is derived from the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet “O”, with “O” representing the shape of the single lens filter. 
Omicon Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 by a group of Taiwanese optical engineers with former work experience with a major Japanese camera manufacturer.
           Facing the numerous brands of filters of different categories and prices on the market, many consumers find it quite hard to choose one, and very often eventually make their decisions based on the brand (higher-priced) or price (lower-priced).
          The origin, characteristics, function and other important information of the commodities, the so-called C/P value, are always blurred in such erroneous comparisons as exaggerated “scenery picture comparison” or “comparison with lens of different brands placed on white paper”.
          From the protection effect, assembly and disassembly to packaging, the design of Omicon is always user-oriented. Among the various brands and in the midst of a price war, Omicon returns to the nature of the commodities and attaches reasonable prices to them. This differentiates Omicon lens from other lenses! Omicon high quality lenses are manufactured completely in Taiwan to provide consumers with a brand new choice.  
         We have also expanded the application of our patent technology to astronomical telescopes and photographic products, including: tightening device adapter, diagonal-lens photographic apparatus, filter and locking plate.
         Our current priority is to focus on and consolidate our footing in the digital lens protector market, while actively engaging in technological R&D of professional CPL circular PL filter and ND8 neutral density filter.
In the face of severe market competition, Omicon refuses to simply go with the flow, as attested to by our professional demands concerning our own two models of protectors: to produce and develop high quality filters which differ from those on the market. This is the core belief to which we adhere.