Who says you cannot play favorites? A story from 1.1mm to 2.0mm

       I am sure that veteran photographers will remember that compared with the current digital lens protector, the lens protector with 2.0mm-thick optical glass in the negative film era was relatively more durable; the lens protective cover back then was also more secure and easier to install.
      The rise of the digital era is a beautiful mistake. To minimize vignetting, the frame of the protector has been reduced to thinner than 4.00mm. Consequently, leading companies around the world have no choice but to reduce traditional 2.0mm glass to 1.1mm glass, with its attendant risk, insufficient strength!
      However, many giant brands have recently begun to re-increase lens thickness in order to increase the strength of the lens, while simultaneously and surreptitiously increasing the frame thickness to between 4.1mm and 4.6mm, as in the negative film era.
     We had some simple questions. Was it necessary for a thin frame to be matched with a thin lens? Could Taiwan manufacture a genuinely thin frame to equal the traditional high-strength 2.0mm-thick lens?
    It was truly unexpected that such casual queries arising during chit chat between friends in optical engineering and photography, namely compensating for this tiny difference of 1.1mm to 2.0mm, would take us several years to accomplish!
    Only during the research process did we find that the technical difficulty was beyond our imagination. This may be why no one in this field has yet manufactured a frame below 4.0mm to match the 2.0mm lens.
    But we believe that to break through and lay down our own path in the current lens protector industry dominated by Japanese and German brands, Taiwan must create differentiated, unique products. From constant research, development and improvement, we simultaneously invented innovative, patented inlay technology and components. Taiwan Omicon lens protector has successfully realized a perfect compromise between thick and thin.
    Omicon takes the highest light transmittance, the best coating technology, optimal lens protecting thickness and the thinnest frame as our four main developmental directions. We use the German SCHOTT 2.0mm optical lens and 3.6mm ultra-thin frame, plus patented inlay technology registered in multiple countries; all of the components are completely manufactured in Taiwan.
    From the commodity and the packaging, to the diversified patented storage method, our industry-leading, high quality, differentiated product, supported by real data and user-friendly considerations, provides consumers with a brand new choice, in terms of both value and price.
    We anticipate Omicon gaining a share in the global lens filter market as a Taiwanese brand.