Omicon MRC 72mm Digital Filter
Perfect combo between thick and thin
Omicon MRC 72mm Digital Filter
Perfect combo between thick and thin

* 2mm optical glass provides the best effective protection
* 3.6mm super thin frame
* >2.5mm deep front thread for securing the lens cover
* 99.4% ultra high transmittance
* <0.2% low reflection (effectively reduce glare)
* Duble-sided MCUV(AR-Coating)
* Precise lens polish (equivalent to professional lens)
* Optimal CRI(no color cast)
* Patented inlay technology(prevents lens deformation)
* Embossed frame design for easy lens replacement
* Dirt- and dust-proof treatment: no more headaches with cleaning
* Elegant lens storage case;can also be used for storing CompactFlash
  Product Specifications
MRC Series

Made with special AR coating technology, Omicon MRC series is the new high-tech multilayer coating protector developed for the digital era. It can isolate ultraviolet rays, the taboo of CCD, and effectively suppress the formation of light spots to obtain excellent light transmittance, keeping colors undistorted and images clearer.

Product Features Our Advantages

The thickest lens: 2mm SCHOTT glass
Different from the 1.1mm lens used by the ultrathin frame on the market, we took the lead to use 2mm SCHOTT glass. The inherent advantages of Omicon enable us to provide your lens with the best protection with the thickness nearly doubled!
( Left : Omicon series Right : general products sold on the market )

Ultra-thin frame: 3.6mm super thin frame
Even with the 2mm lens and 2.5mm ultra-deep front thread, Omicon is still able to offer you the 3.6mm ultra-thin frame, for an extreme design! You can compare it with other products on the market and ask yourself: do the front thread depth and lens thickness of those whose frame is less than 3.6mm meet your requirements?
( Left : Omicon series Right : general products sold on the market )

Ultra-deep front thread: 2.5mm lens cover stays secured
The front thread can be used to install the lens cover, polarizer, filter or special effect lens, and is also the most overlooked place in general thin frame products; often to achieve thin frame, the front thread depth is sacrificed.
Omicon series’ 2.5mm ultra-deep front thread means its functions are not compromised by the thin frame.
( Left : Omicon series Right : general products sold on the market )

The thickest embossing: user-friendly embossed design
Often, thin frame products are less handy to install and remove because the frame is too thin. Omicon eschewed traditional fine embossing and adopted thick embossing instead, which the common products on the market do not have. With the touch of friction beyond your imagination, you will appreciate Omicon’s thoughtfulness in the details.
( Left : Omicon series Right : general products sold on the market )

Dirt- and dust-proof treatment: no more headaches with cleaning
Dirt- and dust-proof treatment has become the basic requirement for high-end products, and Omicon MRC series is no exception; this is in addition to the anti-scratch function, so that you can clean your lens whenever and wherever you like.
( Left / right : Omicon MRC series : water- and oil-stain-proof test )

The most flexible protection: elastic structure capable of absorbing impact
Omicon uses a patented elastic multipoint structure to absorb some of the impact before it reaches the lens, countering the disadvantages of the traditional C-ring (i.e., being unable to absorb impact and lens distortion in expansion and contraction due to no thread locking or riveting). This is the most advanced lens securing method in the industry that comes with the thickest 2mm glass of the same class, thereby offering you the best protection.
( Left : Omicon’s patented C-ring Right : Traditional C-ring sold on the market )
※ The elastic multipoint structured C-ring is patented by Omicon; all rights reserved.

The most sophisticated protective glass : Optical plane in the same class as the lens
The biggest difference between Omicon MRC protector and most commercially available protectors is that the former processed this plain piece of glass through sophisticated optical grinding, as would be done for the lens of few professional companies, such as Nikon, B+W and Zeiss, because Omicon desires that nothing will affect your image quality, even the most inconspicuous detail.

MRC super quality multilayer film: light transmittance up to 99.4%
Based on the R&D team’s years of coating experience, the designed multilayer film offers superior performance; the UWB reflection-resistant film covers the entire spectrum of visible light and minimizes glare.

Multi-function storage box: new eco-concept
After the lens is installed with Omicon lens protector, the storage box will become your memory card storage box. The Omicon patented lens storage box can also store up to three SD cards and two CF cards.
The multifunctional and reusable design enables us to contribute to environmental protection.